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Available in English, French and German

👉🏼 You’d love to exhibit your art but you have no idea where to start?
👉🏼 You dream of hosting an exhibition show but you’re scared no one will come?
👉🏼 You have lots of artwork to present but have no connections in the art world?

You are at the right place !

I still remember my first exhibition.

It was April 2018, I had been living in a foreign country for two years and I couldn’t make a sentence without one grammatical mistake. I had no art education and obviously zero contact in the art world. I had no family there to support me, no one to give me advice on what to do and not do. The only things I had were my five collages, my bold heart and my motivation.

And yet, I sold all my pieces.
I even received two commissions on top of all of that.

That night, I realized I could do something out of this new passion.

And you can do it too !

Over the past four years, I’ve organized 14 exhibitions by myself, in two different countries. This helped me grow my client base exponentially, leading to a percentage of sales of 62% (62 out of 101 original artworks sold – #proud 💪) .

In this 1 hour coaching session, I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I have learned about planning a successful exhibition :

  • How to find the right exhibition place(s)
  • Where to promote your exhibition
  • What you need to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the big day
  • The mistakes I made and how to avoid them
  • And a fun BONUS to make sure your guests will never forget your event!
This coaching is the right thing for you if...

…you’ve never had your own exhibition BUT you know it will help you get new customers

…you’ve already participated in one BUT you believe you can do better

… you need a boost of motivation and self-confidence to make it happen!

To guide you throughout the whole coaching session, I have prepared for you a WORKBOOK with:

  • insightful tips to help you during your ‘research’ phase
  • the Do’s and Don’ts on the big day
  • 2 important checklists you can use for your next exhibition… and for all the future ones in your artist career!
  • your first action plan after the coaching
  • … and so much more 🙂
Ready to go?
1:1 Artist Coaching

1:1 Artist Coaching – Exhibition – 60min


MATERIAL: your computer with internet access

ONLINE MEETING: on Google Meet (no worries, you don’t need a Google Account). You will be able to pick a date & time in the confirmation email after booking the coaching.

LANGUAGE: you can choose your language (English, French or German) when you set the meeting.

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