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🖌️ You dream of living from your passion but you have no real strategy?

📱 You thought you’d make your first sales by posting on Instagram… but people are not buying your art?

🤒 You feel overwhelmed by all the information out there & you don’t know what to do next?

I used to feel exactly the same !


compared yourself with other artists who seem wildly successful on social media and wondered what you’re doing wrong?! 😟

spent hours and hours preparing posts, reels and stories for Instagram, to end up selling one mini-painting in a month? 🤬

tweaked your website a thousand times, hoping to magically generate more sales? 🪄

Been there, done that !

I tried so many things at the beginning of my art career and I lost so much energy scattering myself, because I didn’t understand how true marketing works. I was hoping the right people would discover my art… but I didn’t know how to search efficiently for these dream clients and how to contact them !

And when I finally invested in myself to learn the selling skills I needed, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I started getting commissions for 1K€ & more and closing 5K deals with companies. I became strongly confident in my communication, legitimate and self-assured when pricing my artwork, resolute and decisive about the next step.

I stopped running around doing a thousand things to focus on the few ones that bring me happiness… and money 😉.

Let's figure out YOUR next step !

This coaching is built in two video calls of 1,5-2 hours:


I will audit your Art Business: I’ll look at your prices, your website (if you have one), your IG account, your actual offers and everything you currently do in your art biz. With one goal in mind: identify your strengths and weaknesses, bring clarity and make your communication more coherent and efficient ! 

You will learn 9 possible development axes for your business and I’ll help you pick two to focus on (the ones that fit your personality, your desires and your schedule). Remember, we don’t want you scattering yourself around by doing too many things !


We’ll start the coaching with a money mindset bootcamp 💥. We’ll track down your limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns to turn them into a winning mindset 🏆.

Because it is sooo important ! That’s what enabled me to go from „500€ for my painting? Can people really afford that?!😱to „My work has sooo much value and is worth more than 1.000€ (and I feel so damn good about it!)“.

It’s the base you absolutely need if you wanna live from your art !


What is the message behind your art? Who are the people who’re gonna see your art and think „oh my god, this was made for me 😍“? In others terms, who is your ideal client? You may think it’s hard to define as an artist… but with my guidance and the help of my questionnaire, you’ll see it’s not !

A mistake that a lot of artists make is that they wait for potential clients to find them, instead of actively contact them. After this coaching, you’ll know how to reach out to your dream clients and how to close sales and partnerships as easy as you drink mojitos 🍋.

We’ll also define together your main offers and I will show you how to establish a concrete marketing strategy for each of them.

Finally, you will write down a plan of action for the next 3-4 months to put into practice everything you’ve learned during the coaching.


This is a personnalized coaching, which means we’ll give a big importance to the topics that matter to you:

Pricing your art freaks you out? We’ll make sure you define a price list that feels right to you !

➤ The idea of talking to potential collectors makes you really nervous? I’ll give you all my tips to handle sales talks like a pro !

1:1 Artist Coaching – BUSINESS BOOST


You can pay in two installments over two months.
LANGUAGE: you can choose your language (English, French or German) when you set the meeting.

Black Friday Offer for only:

Student Power


8 new ideas to make more money from your art

a guided brainstorming to define your niche and artist statement

a marketing strategy to implement for each of your offers

a „hell yeah I finally know what I’m doing“ at the end of the 2 sessions 🤩🔥

What you cannot expect:

➤ a magic recipe to suddenly sell your paintings for 10.000€

I wish I could promise you that but there is no secret strategy that works overnight and for everyone.

What I promise you are 3 hours of individualized advice, positive vibes and Aha-moments, and ending with a new strategy to diversify your business and increase your income! 🚀


…your art has become more than a hobby and you wanna improve on the business side 🤑

… you feel like your Art Business is „stuck“ and that nothing you’ve been trying is truly working 🤔

…you’re losing your motivation and energy because your sales are too scarce 😩

An crucial element of this 1:1 coaching? The WORKBOOK I have prepared for you! It gathers:

a Business Audit Report for your Art Biz

my Art Pricing Guide

a Marketing Strategy template to fill out for each of your main offers

your indiviualized Action Plan to get started as soon as we’re done with the coaching !

Ready to go?

1:1 Artist Coaching – Business Boost – 2 x 90-120 min


129€ with the code WHOOPEE30

You can pay in two installments over two months.

ONLINE MEETING: on Google Meet (no worries, you don’t need a Google Account). You will be able to pick two dates & times in the confirmation email after booking the coaching.

LANGUAGE: you can choose your language (English, French or German) when you set the meeting.

"Go get these clients instead of waiting for them to find you !"

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