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It’s written in the sky – MIXED-MEDIA ARTWORK


Acrylic and collage on canvas, 2020.

➤ Size : 60 x 90 x 4,5 cm (24″ x 35″ x 1,8″)

➤ Sealed with a coat of varnish

Unique, hand signed, sent with a certificate of authenticity

➤ Shipping in Germany : 20€ / in the EU : 30€ / outside the EU : 50€

➤ Delivery time : 7-10 days in Europe, 3-4 weeks overseas


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→ Peinture acrylique et collage sur toile, 60 x 90 x 4,5 cm

→ Rehaussée d’une couche de vernis

→ Exemplaire unique, signé main à l’avant et à l’arrière du tableau, accompagné d’un certificat d’authenticité

→ Livraison en France : 30€ (délai: 7-10 jours)


→ Acryl und Collage auf Leinwand, 60 x 90 x 4,5 cm

→ geschützt mit einer Schicht Lack

→ Einzelstück, handsigniert auf der Vorder- und Rückseite des Bildes, gesendet mit einem Echtheitszertifikat

→ Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands : 20€ (Lieferzeit: 5-7 Tage)



Following my “Ode to Spring” series, I continued to experiment with mixed-media to create this painting entitled “It’s written in the sky”.

In this work, I transcribed my intimate emotions. The sky represents my interior, overflowing with ardor, imagination, creativity. I’m someone who thinks too much, feels everything deeply, and can go from an emotional state of overexcitement to tears in a matter of minutes. The curved lines of the sky and the bright colors convey this passion.

On the other hand, the sea, calm, placid, represents my external emotional state, that is to say what I show to the world. We humans tend to suppress our emotions to keep up appearances. We keep smiling, even when we hurt. “Come on, keep your head up, don’t let yourself go”. The sea, with its flat lines, its imperturbable horizon, keeps the painting/our life together.

The contrast between the sea and the sky embodies this duality, that we carry with us thoughout our life : happy and sad, hopeful and disillusioned, whole and broken…

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