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The most badass package of ready-made documents for your Art Biz, to save time for what really matters in your life!
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Do you know the feeling?

Julia’s kids are finally asleep! All she wants to do is pick up a brush and start a new painting… but she ends up spending the night on her laptop, trying out fifteen different flyer designs for her next exhibition…

A friend of a friend asks Catherine for a commission. She is thrilled but freaked out at the same time : does she send him a price offer per WhatsApp… or is that unprofessional and risks putting off the potential client? And worse, what if he doesn’t like the painting and refuses to pay?!

Numbers are Alex’s nemesis. Her perfect world would be a universe where Excel charts – and Voldemort – don’t exist. But she gotta keep track of her artworks, her clients, her sales… Aren’t there some pre-built templates she can just fill out and graphs would appear… just by magic?

There is, girl, I put it up together for you !


Artist Portfolio

✓ Certificate of Authenticity (2 designs)

✓ Business Card

✓ Brochure with your offers


Income and Expenses Sheet + Graphs (Excel-Template)

✓ Commission Guide

✓ Art Commission Quotation

✓ Artist Invoice 

✓ List of Clients (Excel-Template)

✓ List of Artworks + Data analysis (Excel-Template)


✓ 11 Flyers (= 3 years of exhibitions and workshops!)

✓ 4 Posters A4

✓ Artworks Labels

✓ Sales form

✓ Sign up form for your Newsletter

+ you will receive ONE SURPRISE gift in the package 🎁

“Because we all know that an art business is more than just painting !”

LOLA, ARTIST FROM GERMANY – uses the Artist Package since January 2023

What if I told you that…

Now, Julia tells her son his favorite bedtime story at night, before tucking him in lovingly… and then she pours herself a glass of wine and finishes that beautiful new painting with a free mind!

Now, Catherine has a well-established system for her commissions: she sends her commission guide to interested parties, then follows up with a quote and a deposit invoice. Her professionalism has won the confidence of collectors, who keep recommending her to others… she’s even thinking of raising her prices!

Now, Alex can tell exactly how much money each client spent in her art biz and she’s about to thank her top customers with a surprise gift. She also realized that her prints were kicking ass around Christmas time so she’ll focus her communication on that this year!

What other Superartists like you say

The Ultimate Artist Package – 99€

The Ultimate Artist Package
99€  69€ with the code WHOOPEE30 !

All the documents are Canva templates, Excel or Word Documents, that are easy to customize !

Black Friday Offer for only:


You live in Germany? 🇩🇪 🥨

You need a Radler and the special DE-Add-on :

EÜR (Einnahme Überschuss Rechnung) mit Anleitungen und Datenanalyse (Pflicht, wenn du ein Kleinunternehmen hast)

Rechnung für Bilder (deutsche Normen)

Preisangebot für Aufträge (deutsche Normen)

Einwilligung zur Veröffentlichung von Fotos und Videos

Diese Dokumente sind nicht nur wichtig, sondern auch gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. Und du kannst sie hier für nur 29€ Aufpreis bekommen !

+ Du erhältst EIN ÜBERRASCHUNGS-Geschenk im Künstler:in-Paket 🎁

The Ultimate Artist Package + DE Add-On – 128€

The Ultimate Artist Package + DE Add-On
128€  98€ mit dem Code WHOOPEE30 !

Alle Dokumente sind Canva-Vorlagen, Excel- oder Word-Dokumente, die sich einfach anpassen lassen

About me

Hello, I’m Cyrielle, a business coach for self-taught artists, dedicated to help artists earn a living through their passion.

100% self-taught myself, I understand the challenges and obstacles to break through as an artist when you have zero contacts in the art world !

I started to create art five years ago and since then, I’ve taken part in 19 exhibitions in Germany, France and Italy and succeeded in building my dream life, balancing making art for companies and private persons as well as giving workshops and teaching artists.

Back in 2014, I actually graduated as an engineer in Mathematics and Computer Science, which made me a badass at computing numbers and building advanced excel sheets. And at solving complex equations with fives Xs und seven Ys, but who needs that crap in real life?!

The idea to build this package crossed my mind a year ago, when I realized how many valuable documents, lists, flyers, etc. I had created over the past years. Why not share them with you and enable you to save precious time for things and people that really matter in your life?

Ready to upgrade your biz while saving a big fat amount of time?

The Ultimate Artist Package – 99€

The Ultimate Artist Package
99€  69€ with the code WHOOPEE30 !

And if you live in Germany, this is the one for you:

🇩🇪 The Ultimate Artist Package + DE Add-On – 128€

🇩🇪 The Ultimate Artist Package + DE Add-On
128€  98€ mit dem Code WHOOPEE30 !